Online Organizing Consultation

Included in the package:

  • Expertise of a professional organizer who can keep you accountable and be an impartial cheerleader for your success!

  • Guidance as to HOW to declutter and organize your space based on your specific needs.

  • Digital guide for your to reference during our online session.

  • A plan on how to maintain your space once it is organized.

  • A plan to remove the unwanted items from your space and home.

$75 - 1 hour session (small space - closets, cupboards, pantry, linen closet)

$125 - 2 hour session (medium space - small-med bedroom, home office, laundry room)

$150 - 3 hour session (large space - large bedroom, family room, rec room, kitchen, large office)

Contact us at for questions or a free assessment for what package you need. We look forward to hearing from you!

Well Organized Closet

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