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Hygge! My New Favourite Word!


Have you heard about the Danish concept that encourages comfort and self-care?! If you haven't, you should! Allow me....


[hue-gah] noun

is a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable

No wonder Denmark is one of the happiest places! (Seriously though, Denmark dominates the 'Happiness' charts!).

I know what you are thinking.. 'My life is too busy to be in search of coziness all the time!' Well let me encourage you in something I have been learning. You need to take time for you! Take time to care about yourself! At the [awesome] risk of quoting sweet #MarieKondo, drop it if it does not "spark joy"! Now don't start that draft of disgruntled hate mail just yet... hear me out. I know there are things in your life that you simply cannot just "drop". It's not that easy. BUT, while you are spending time figuring out what you should spending your time on, have a warm hug in a mug, take time to read a book under a blanket, breathe in the scent of your sweet little one falling asleep in your arms (even though they asked you for 8 glasses of water, 5 books, a kitten, another sibling and it is 1.5 hrs past bedtime). Carve out some time for you because if you don't, you will not be in a happy, content place to be there for the ones you love.

I know what else you are thinking... "What on earth does this have to do with organizing/decor?" Well I am glad you asked! Clutter often brings feelings of anxiety and unrest. With busy lifestyles we often leave the clutter for another time. If you see clutter around, it might be hard to take a time out for yourself so I encourage you to spend a little time de-cluttering a space that you can use as your 'happy place'! If you only keep ONE area tidy in your house [right now], let it be this one! Just a cozy space where you can go to unwind and take a moment for yourself! And of course, if you would like help doing that - that is what I am here for, but I guarantee that if you have that little space and actively focus on doing something for yourself, that you will feel just that much better.

So go now, conquer your space of clutter, sit down and enjoy a warm bowl of porridge like Grandma used to make!

- Skye

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