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It's Worth It!

When it comes to organizing.. do you feel stuck?! Do you have trouble figuring out where to start? Do you feel like you are the only one in your house that wants to be organized? What type of organizing situation do you find yourself in? Downsizing? Growing family? Struggling with digital organization? Helping a friend or family member organize?

Like many things in life, organizing seems to be a balancing act. Organizing can seem like a daunting task sometimes, especially considering all the different circumstances. You may have someone in your home that isn't as ready to organize as you may be. You may be looking at a mountain of stuff thinking - "where do I even start?" You may be delicately navigating how to help your friend or family member sort through old memories. WELL.. I am here to encourage you! Keep plugging away! Whether you work long hours, have little ones that you are chasing, are helping your loved ones, moving or simply hate organizing... there is a light at the end of the tunnel! At least.. I think there is. I am not there yet (spoiler alert)! It's a journey! With the exception of laundry, dishes and incoming mail, all of which never seem to end... we can do this!

I find that when we have a 'system' in place, then we see it start to come together. It's even easier when we develop our system as a family, because then it's not a burden for one person in the family to be the only one using the system. We try to blur the lines between 'family' time and 'work' time in the house. A good example of that is folding our laundry together. Now.. I know there are a few laundry fanatics out there... and I salute you, however.. I am TERRIBLE at laundry. Since we have smaller room sizes, we have to get a little creative with our laundry storage techniques and folding. We used to go a little bonkers when things didn't fit in drawers and our constantly growing kids had items that were 2 sizes too small! Now that we have a system, laundry is that much more fun! Did I convince you there? No? It's because I said the word 'laundry' isn't it. Darn.. I should have used an organizing example with chocolate!

All kidding aside, I totally get the organizing struggle! Don't be so hard on yourself! Take it one step at a time! It probably took more than one day for rooms in your home to become unorganized (it did in mine!) so in turn, we can't expect them to become organized in one day. But doesn't it feel great when you get something organized?! You clean your linen closet and each time you go to grab a towel, you breathe that sigh of accomplishment! It makes me feel good when my home is tidy... less stressed.. less tiny disagreements about where we put the tape after we use it! Hang in there! Keep organizing on! It's worth it!


Check out this pinterest board I made with some fun laundry room organization and folding hacks!


Check out Marie Kondo showing Ellen how to fold!

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